New Zealands Finest

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A Fly Fishermans Dream

Hello fishing Amigo’s here is a video I have put together of some trips to the Whitestone and Mararoa rivers . The Mararoa River is a major tributary of the Waiau River which drains Lakes Te Anau and Manapouri and exits on the south coast of New Zealand. The Whitestone river is a smaller tributary of the Mararoa and both host a healthy population of Rainbow and Brown trout. Most fish were taken on small #12 #14 Hare’s ears and pheasant nymphs with tungsten bead heads with a small #16 or #18 nymph trailing behind. It’s amazing even in really fast water fish will see and take a #16 nymph. Also some fish took dry flies with Humpys and Parachute Adams both working well.

My brother arrives down under on Sunday and so their will be many for fishy videos to follow, and with a camera man on hand they will be of better quality.

For now enjoy and tight lines.

WHITESTONE AND MARAOA RIVER 2 from alastair on Vimeo.

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New Zealands River ‘Upuk’ Brown Trout

Here is a Rainbow and a Brown Trout that I caught yesterday on New Zealands Fiordland Upuk River.  The pool is very small but deep and both took a size 16 pogo nymph suspended behind a tungsten hares ear nymph fished deep. More info on the deadly ‘pogo nymph to follow.



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Whitestone River Rainbow Trout

The Whitestone River is a tributary of the Marora River in New Zealands Fiordlands. It is small and mainly a sight fishing river where you can walk the banks and cast to fish you have spotted. The rainbows mainly live in the heads of the pools just off the main current or in small eddys or behind rocks in the streamy water.  The is a good population of Browns too however they are very spooky and it can be difficult to spot on before he spots you.

Here is a small video of an outing I had yesterday and I managed to land a lovely wild Rainbow of around 3lb.


Whitestone river Rainbow trout

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Atlantic Salmon at the Grimersta Estate 2012

The term Nervous Water to me describes only one thing…. excitement! Whether we are admiring shoals of fish cruising the shallow waters or watching that bow wave of a fish  accelerate onto your fly, for me it is these visual aspects of fishing that make it so addictive.

Here is a short Video I put together this year when the river was in total drought and the summer grilse were itching to run up river.



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The deadly Park Shrimp

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The deadly park shrimp will catch fish all year round, it’s very similar to the cascade shrimp pattern however using different materials. It is versatile and has become a very productive Salmon fly. The tail is made up of a … Continue reading

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12lb spring salmon from beat 3 on the Grimersta

Great fish played on a single handed rod taken on a size 13park shrimp.

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